Saturday, November 1, 2008

who wanna be a psychiatrist??

bismillahi walhamdulillah

to those who are interested in the psychotic field, who always psycho you are advices to read this.why we need more and more psyhchiatrists??Yes, we do need more psychiatrists and we are happy to hear that many more are interested in this field. At this moment, the ratio for psychiatrist in Malaysia is 0.3 / 100,000 population.

Secondly, there are a few signs that indicate whether a person is suitable to be a psychiatrist. One of them would be... you find that during med school, your friends are comfortable to confide in you. However, this skill can be developed with training.

There are several ways to become a psychiatrist.

a) You have to undergo the compulsory service years (I think its 4 years now) and then apply for MMed progam. There will be an entry exam to qualify as a candidate. You will be working in any of the KKM hospitals / private if you wish after completing the course.

b) You can apply for trainee lecture in one of the universities, then you can get in the program earlier. You will be working as a lecturer after you graduate.

May Allah bless you and facilitate the pathway for you... to contribute to the well being of the Muslim ummah (and others as well)

Dr. Tuti
UKM Medical Center

this article is adapted from Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia (PPIM) yahoo groups!

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